take all the time you need.
I’m still bleeding

I’ve seen you fly from place to place
i’m still under the damn sink

there are more bottles in this room 
than good intentions

is it enough to love someone
when the spaces in between your words
grind the gears of your liver into a million pieces
even the alcohol can’t digest

the spaces are taking up more space than I have to give

these days I think I get along with the demons
inside the hollow places in empty cigarette cases
better than your tongue

I can’t reach you when there are so many lights in your eyes

and outside my window there are trees again
instead of ambulances
instead of neon
instead of another 3 am start time

I don’t know which is better for me.

the quiet seems like it might swallow me
in boredom and cocaine 
at least city life marathons 
are black outs you can contain
and time lines you can map

but who knows how to contain 
the long hours before we have anything to do

losing track is the easiest way to let go

there is a restlessness seeping into every pore
I have no say in it’s war path
and my hands are starting to look old

if we forget we were going somewhere

do we still get lost 


I think maybe I’ll miss you for as long as forever

Even if you’re next to me.

I don’t know if you’ll ever give into being as close as you were to me when you loved me even though you say you still do. I don’t know if you’ll ever give into me again. I don’t know if you’ll ever fully forgive me.

But i know that I’ll miss it. and miss you. for damn near forever if you don’t let me back in.